Aleadership Foundation


The Advanced Leadership Foundation works closely with the United States Department of Commerce in coordination with national, regional, state, and local chambers of commerce to organize trade missions all over the world.

Certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce

Our trade and investment missions bring together delegations of U.S. business representatives, corporate leaders, and government officials from the United States to other nations around the world to strengthen bilateral international business opportunities and promote ties between leaders of both nations. They are:

  • Aimed at exploring international business opportunities for a territory, enhancing key aspects of its economy and developing a network of contacts that will be key to identifying potential mutually beneficial alliances, penetrating new markets for its products, expanding its export base, thus contributing to local development, job creation and the consolidation of its industries.
  • Attract U.S. business leaders interested in investing in trade relations within a region.
  • Contribute to improving bilateral economic relations between nations.


Attract and promote foreign investment in the country or region requesting our services.

Support companies that want to export their products or services.


  • Attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Technology and knowledge exchange
  • Positioning in a global market
  • Creation of a wide exchange network
  • Creation of high-skilled new jobs in the region.
  • Attraction of skilled labor and ending the brain drain.
  • Expansion of the technology park
  • Promote the economic benefits of the city and/or region.

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