US Trade Missions ​


The Advanced Leadership Foundation works closely with the United States Department of Commerce and national, regional, state and local chambers of commerce to organize trade missions all over the world. 

The main objectives for a trade mission are:

a. Attract foreign direct investment to a specific country or region. 

b. Help US companies who want to export their goods or services to a country or region. 

The Advanced Leadership Foundation can assist a regional or national organization to execute a Certified Trade and Investment Mission. The main benefits of organizing such a mission are: 

  • Attract foreign direct investment. 

  • Technology and expertise exchange. 

  • Get positioned as an attractive investment market.

  • Focus the trade and investment mission on the sectors that the host organization wants to promote to grow specific strategic local industries. 

Since 2014, ALF has undertaken over ten different trade missions in Europe and in Latin America.