Leadership Summits

With the firm commitment to promote issues of social interest and encourage citizen participation, Advanced Leadership Foundation organizes International Leadership Summits a, creating a unique space for the training of leaders. In the past five years, the Advanced Leadership Foundation has led: 

  • 1st and 2nd Green Economy Summit, Cordoba, Argentina.

  • Circular Economy and Technological Innovation Summit, Madrid, Spain.

  • Climate Change Leadership Summit, Porto, Portugal. 

  • Creative Economy Summit, Medellin, Colombia


The summits address a variety of areas of social interest relevant to society today,  including: Green and Circular Economy, technological innovation, creative economy and women’s empowerment. To ensure that the summits have real-life implications, each one involves speakers and change agents who take part in decision-making processes on a daily basis: current politicians, former officials, Nobel Prize Laureates, environmental leaders and international and business personalities, among others. 

President Barack Obama and Juan Verde at the 2nd Green Economy Summit, Córdoba, Argentina 2017

Iván Duque, President of  Colombia, at the Circular Economy Summit in  Madrid 2018