Washington D.C. Leadership Initiative Program 

Since 2014, our Leadership Initiative Program has provided over 1000 young professionals from across the globe an immersive career experience in Washington, D.C. In a four-month intensive program, young professionals intern at the top companies and government agencies in the Washington, D.C. area to help accelerate their personal and professional growth. 


From Monday through Thursday, participants work at their internship sites, which are specifically tailored to their professional interests and/or fields of study. In addition to a unique internship, on Fridays, they take part in professional development and leadership training. With the intention of bridging the gap between university and the professional world, interns are given the skills and ‘real-life’ experiences that contribute to career development. Internships take place in the Autumn (late August to December) and the Spring (late January to May). 


To complement the internship experience, the Foundation offers networking opportunities with mentors and alumni, high-level site visits, informational sessions, and expert guest lecturers to expose youth to a variety of topics and themes. Additionally, our team manages all administrative, logistical and operational components, such as visa processing, healthcare, and housing. 


Working as well as living with an international cohort, these young professionals are able to build their own early career networks and are provided with the strategic insights, global perspectives, and leadership skills necessary to sustain a competitive advantage in the global workforce.