International Leadership Summits

The Advanced Leadership Foundation organizes International Leadership Summits, providing a unique space to transform individuals into action-oriented leaders, so they are able to create valuable and positive changes in society. ALF has a firm commitment to promoting social and environmental issues, and encouraging greater civil society engagement, in order to guide meaningful change. In the past six years, the Advanced Leadership Foundation has successfully organized several International Leadership Summits including: 

  •  1st and 2nd Green Economy Summit, Cordoba, Argentina.

  • Circular Economy and Technological Innovation Summit, Madrid, Spain.

  • Climate Change Leadership Summit, Porto, Portugal.

  • Creative Economy Summit, Medellin, Colombia.

President Barack Obama and Juan Verde at the 2nd Green Economy Summit (Córdoba, Argentina 2017)

Iván Duque, President of  Colombia, at the Circular Economy Summit in  Madrid 2018