U.S. Trade Mission to Entre Ríos, Argentina: May 2019

Discover the Untapped Business Opportunities in Entre Ríos.


On May 7-8, 2019, a select group of American companies were invited to join the first United States Department of Commerce Certified Trade Mission to Entre Ríos, one of the 23 provinces in the Republic of Argentina. The mission was organized in partnership with the regional government of Entre Ríos, with the participation of the U.S. Commercial Service in Argentina. 

Why Join the Entre Ríos Trade Mission? 


Argentina is the gateway to 43 million consumers, the third largest economy in Latin America, and a world-class labor force known for its technical skills, creativity and versatility. Entre Ríos is providing generous incentives for economic and business investments from U.S. companies looking to expand abroad.


Entre Ríos offers business and investment opportunities in key sectors including: agriculture and agro-industries (citrus, blueberry, poultry, dairy and forestry), tourism, metal manufacturing and renewable energy.

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Mapa del Litoral argentino.
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