General eligibility requirements:

  • To be in the last year of studies or to have completed them in the 18 months before the beginning of the program (bachelor or master).

  • Be 29 years old or younger by December 31 of that year.

  • Have a minimum English level B2 or equivalent.

  • Have no immigration problem with the United States. Have a valid passport.


To participate in the program you can: have a sponsor or apply individually. The program DOES NOT include the cost of academic materials, food, and local transportation; this is at the expense of each participant.

Documents required to apply:

The documents required to apply may vary by sponsor.

The application specifications per sponsor should ALWAYS be verified.

The documents in English to be delivered are:

  • Resume ( a page of length)

  • Cover letter: describing your internship interests, professional goals, skills to develop in the future, what will you bring to the internship company. Do not mention any other organization. Maximum 100 words.

  • Thematic essay: write a 500-word essay, expressing a key topic related to your field of work, demonstrating your written communication skills. 

  • Academic record: send a copy of your transcript translated into English. It may be certificated by your university.

  • Recommendation letter. Two letters of recommendation. The first one has to be from a member of your faculty. The second one by a professional supervisor. It cannot be written by parents or friends and better not from a school teacher.

  • TOEFL certificate or any other test that proves your English level: if English is not your native language, you will need a copy of your TOEFL certificate or any other English test certificate. A minimum level of B2. 

  • A copy of your valid passport: a minimum of six months of validity at the start of the program.