Doing Business in Entre Ríos

  • Its highly qualified work force, stable political environment as well as favorable tax incentives are transforming Entre Ríos into one of the most vibrant economic hubs in Argentina. The provice has increased their international exports exponentially over the past decade, as well as the foreign direct investment in the region. 

  • Thanks to new policies between the U.S. and Argentina, there are many opportunities for American companies to expand their business, establish local partnerships and export their goods and services.

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Industry-Specific Opportunities

Agriculture and agro-industries.

The strong agriculture and agro-industry of Entre Ríos provide the perfect opportunity for American companies to modernize the province’s infrastructure in this sector, both by selling state-of-the-art machinery used in the U.S., as well as providing much desired consulting services.

Favorable timing for the citrus industry.

A decline in fresh citrus production in the U.S. due to weather-related impacts is having a dramatic effect on supply, and as a result, pricing of these goods. With a citrus deal being currently negotiated between the U.S. and Argentina, the timing is opportune for U.S. companies to tap into this market, filling the demand and benefiting American consumers, while simultaneously prospering economically, as well.

Industry-Specific Opportunities

Argentina’s “Blueberry Region”.

Entre Ríos has one of the largest concentrations of blueberry plantations in Argentina, with an area of approximately 962 hectares. This crop was first planted in Entre Ríos in 2005, positioning it as Argentina’s number one export province from 2012 – 2013.

Tourism hot-spot.

Tourism in the province has experienced consistent growth in recent years, making it one of the top chosen destinations in Argentina, receiving an average of 7% of the Argentina’s domestic tourism market.

Industry-Specific Opportunities

Metal manufacturing.

The metal-mechanic sector is a rapidly growing industry, participating in international trade operations with a 10% share of total national production. Among its main activities are the manufacturing of window and door frames, furniture, metal structures, shipyards, automobile parts, gas cylinders, oil industry equipment, water heaters, refrigeration equipment and other items.

The future of renewable energies.

Argentina has the potential of producing electricity through renewable sources such as hydro, wind and soy beans. The country has passed legislation in support of renewable energies, (law n° 27.191), which requires that 20% of energy be sourced from renewable resources by 2025, meaning a 10 GW increase in renewable energy generation. The country’s biomass potential is mainly located in the north-east and its Mesopotamian regions including Entre Rios.