About the Foundation

The Advanced Leadership Foundation (ALF) is a Washington, D.C. based international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of the next generation of global leaders. 

ALF was founded in 2014 as a professional development tool designed to help young professionals bridge the gap between their university experiences and their early careers. Intended to be a transformative learning experience, the earliest programs of ALF were created to give young professionals international work experience, and to develop the skills necessary to sustain a competitive career advantage and become agents of change in their own communities.


Overtime, ALF has expanded to not only develop the skills of young professionals, but to provide continuing education and professional development on pressing social issues in order to transform individuals into action-oriented leaders.  Its goal is to foster and promote the development of future business, political and social leaders through professional internships, leadership summits, and trade missions around the world. 

ALF currently operates in 10 different countries, and touts partnerships with top-tier international public and private entities. Since its founding, ALF’s programs and networks have directly impacted and empowered more than 11,000 leaders from different countries around the world.