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The global pandemic caused by COVID 19 will have a direct impact on most companies and will redefine how we conduct business in the future. A new normal is emerging and whatever the scenario or state your business is in today, access to strategic analysis will be key to success in today's marketplace.

All Fortune 500 companies are aware of the value of strategic analysis and collaboration. They spend a considerable amount of money hiring advisory boards that help them navigate and understand current financial and political situations, access international markets, and stay ahead of the curve on potential challenges.

Today, the Advanced Leadership Foundation (ALF) has created a unique and innovative solution for companies to stay ahead of the curve, and take advantage of the opportunities Covid-19 has presented. We are offering access to world class independent advice that will help businesses navigate challenging times, at a very cost-effective price.

What is the Virtual Advisory Board?

In a period of high volatility that will generate significant change, ALF has created a unique and innovative program, the Virtual Advisory Board (VAB): an online advisory body that provides strategic and multicultural advice with dynamic perspectives to the leadership of a corporation, organization, or foundation that will provide critical analysis and unique insight in order to achieve current and future business goals.

The VAB helps business leaders and organizations in a very diverse set of decision-making processes, including:

  • Provide the company with knowledge, understanding, and strategic thinking and foresight given the inevitable and constant changes ahead.
  • Visualize current and future challenges in the strategic decision-making process.
  • Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of highly recognized professionals worldwide.
  • Provide companies with expert advisors that will analyze market conditions in the on-going economic and political international situation to help understand the global markets.
  • Advise on market trends and projections in specific industries.
  • Facilitate new ways to access foreign markets through analysis and innovative perspectives from expert advisors with a local vision of your market.
  • Contrast an organization's strategies with experts.
  • Lean on the experience of successful entrepreneurs in their specific sector.

Who makes up the VAB?

Your Virtual Advisory Board will be sourced from an exclusive group of more than 500 world experts with diverse backgrounds which include Nobel Laureates, top senior executives, heads of chambers and associations of commerce, former government officials, ambassadors, science and academic gurus from the United States, Latin America and Europe.

Who is it for?

Change is constant and fluid in today’s business environment. The VAB has been conceived for both startup, small and mid-size companies that seek to gain a competitive advantage by receiving advice from the top leading minds of the world at a very accessible price.

How does it work?

  • Members of the organization or Directors Board
  • Strategic Adviser of the VAB (ALF representative)
  • Three External Advisors of VAB

The VAB is made up of a minimum of 7 members (3 external, 3 internal and 1 ALF strategic advisor):

  • Three external consultants of recognized world prestige, with whom your company will meet four times a year to be able to think strategically and evaluate your decisions independently. This group of advisers function outside of the day-to-day operations of the company.
  • Three internal advisers, representatives of your company, who will be an integral part of the VAB.
  • An ALF strategic advisor who will provide the institutional vision and methodology to get the most out of the Virtual Advisory Board.
  • If your company does not already have an advisory board, ALF will support you by creating it, taking into account your company's priorities.

Main Characteristics of the VAB

  • ALF will coordinate and follow up, through the preparation of minutes and periodic reports that facilitate continuous work.
  • There will be a kick-off meeting between ALF and the client, and follow-up meetings to define who would be the best members to help your specific situation.
  • ALF will work collaboratively with your company to find the right advisors according to the business needs.
  • ALF and VAB members will guarantee the confidentiality of all the matters related to your company.
  • The VAB does not replace the role of the Board of Directors, but rather complements it, supporting and delivering the tools in specific aspects that concern your company so that you can make better decisions and contrast the strategies contemplated by the organization.
  • Duration: 12-month period.
  • The VAB meetings will take place quarterly.

Why should you hire ALF Virtual Advisory Board?

  • Capitalize on ALF's exclusive network of contacts worldwide.
  • Strengthen your existing board of directors or leadership team.
  • Save costs up to 90% in air and ground travel, hotels and dining. In addition to not having to pay a fixed salary to board members.
  • Reinforce and encourage the use of information and communication technologies within your company.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint contributing significantly to corporate citizenship goals and the objectives of sustainable development.
  • Value creation: Branding the Company thanks to having recognizable names on board with a cross-cultural experience.







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